A short game, made shorter by the CYOA format. It is amusing, at least: the author expresses the comic desperation of the situation well. The graphics are a nice touch. Some effort has been made to improve the player experience.

There is not much to the game. As far as I can make out, the choices simply enable the player knock around until he just so happens to light upon the one choice which will cause the game to progress ... in a sense, it's a reinterpretation of the very first point scored in every parser game ever. That's an achievement. Part of me wants to say that the point of CYOA is that you don't have to do all that knocking around; but I don't think that's a very fair observation. The writing that has gone into all the other nodes demonstrates that this is really more of an exploration of experience.

Which is all very well and good, but I still think that could be more to the whole thing.

Overpriced, undersized murtabak and vending machine coffee.