Their angelical understanding

Sly and rarefied; I would call it bloodless but for the occasional dip into the profane earth. Chiaroscuro. I wonder at those dips, what they do, what they're meant to do. I wonder at the oh-so-rarefied, fraught-with-meaning obscurity. What world is this?

Well, it's a visual experience, at least. I suppose it's actually more grounded into the concrete than last year's "howling dogs". Maybe it's because there is that element of realism that I find the floating metaphors just a little too much. "howling dogs" could be appreciated, for the most part, as just a collection of pretty vignettes. "Their angelical understanding" is more of a real story, and because I know the story is there, much of the tone, the oblique approaches, just seem to get in the way.

I like my meat a little bloodier, let's say.

As mentioned, there are the profane dips. These are jarring notes. You don't expect them when everything around you is all poetic metaphor and oh oh oh too much. In an earthier game, I wouldn't even notice, but when everything else is poetry, profanity draws attention. Is it meant to jar? What does it signify, when these moments occur? What does it mean? Because if I can't find meaning for these instances, I can only reject them.

I like my meat bloody, but I don't like it dripping into my crotch, thank you very much.

Sliced honeydew melon, a very light plain omelette made with a sprinkling of chives, and herbal tea. (Someone used the pan to fry green peppers right before, and now and then you can taste them in your own omelette.)