Dad vs. Unicorn

This seemed pretty random. It's a barely interactive tale of the relationship between a child and a single father, and then a unicorn shows up and you have to choose between saving yourself and saving the other person. All three characters are playable. However, I find the exploration of their characters rather hard to take seriously. There's something cartoonish about these characters, and that is even before the unicorn shows up.

"Cartoonish" is not always a bad thing. It lends itself immensely to satire, for example. But satire doesn't really work if it's not telling us anything new, and this particular work does not appear to be working with anything that would benefit from the cartoonish treatment. Even Homer Simpson has his endearing qualities.

Also, the appearance of the unicorn is absurd. Absurdist. It's like the elephant at the end of "Cask"; it exists purely for the purpose of the Final Puzzle, and ignores all logic.

I guess breakfast is a fish. And chocolate milk.