Dream Pieces

It's a cute game, though short. The story is simply that you are dreaming, and your objective is to somehow leave your doorless, windowless room. The object here is to break words down into component pieces and reassemble those pieces into the names of desired objects. Breaking things down simply means destroying items in mundane ways -- hitting them with a hammer, or setting them on fire, and so on. There's not a lot of logic attached to how the words break apart, by which I mean that you can't tell if any one word is going to shatter into all its component letters or only into two pieces; you can't tell what component fragments you're going to get out of each break up.

Still, the game works, and the puzzles make sense. You generally can't tell how an object is going to break when you smash it in real life, anyway, and I suppose this is a shorter and more interesting way of handling it than describing the component pieces as actual physical fragments of the broken object.

So, it's short, it's sweet, and it's a better Quest game than I've seen in previous years. In my notes, I mention that this game shows that Quest has progressed quite a bit since I last saw it, and that's true. Even if "Moquette" does blow it out of the water in terms of what it's done with the Quest engine. I would have liked something more substantial, though.

I guess it's like a sugar-coated shortbread cookie and a glass of milk. Well-made, homey, but not much to get one's teeth into.