Sam and Leo Go To The Bodega

I feel like I'm missing something here. It feels kind of like poetry, and I keep feeling as though the right combination of choices would get me a different ending, but.... I'm still wondering what the point was.

I suppose this is about straightening out the story that we get with each choice of purchase, not that the linking is particularly clear. I suppose you could write down what each purchase gives you in terms of story snippet, and then make purchases based on which sequence of four gets you a clear story, or else piece together the whole story from all that. But the game doesn't really make me care enough to go through that much effort. Sam and Leo are non-entities, and I am not sure which is which.

It's a brownie left over from last night's party. I don't know if I'd call it a real breakfast, but, enh, it does the job of taking the edge off my morning's hunger, and, well, it's just there, know what I mean?