That was a very strange story, and I have no idea if I've reached a successful ending -- "won", as it were. The journey was pretty amazing, though. While it's true that the only "puzzle" here (or so it seems) is in picking the next available link to click, the structure is convoluted enough that it does deserve to be called interactive. As it so happens, there are in fact a few choices to be made over the course of the story. The results are not immediately apparent, but I suspect they mold the sort of ending you get in the end. I haven't tried exploring the alternatives, though: there is rather a lot of unavoidable, busy back-and-forth over the course of the game that makes it a bit much to have to repeat, at least so soon after finishing the thing once.

And the story is fascinating -- this tale of angelic or demonic beings trying to find God while turning the Cold War into Nuclear War.

I imagine it will bear further investigation when one is in a more philosophical frame of mind. I feel that there's some hidden wisdom to be gleaned here, hidden even further beneath the overlying mantle of alchemical knowledge.

Breakfast today is pita bread, hummus, and a liberal dose of honey, with goat's milk to wash it all down.