The Wizard's Apprentice

So, I'm being Tested by my mentor, and I have these four spells available to me. That immediately tells me that I shall be using these four spells rather a lot, that most of the puzzles I shall encounter will be solved through their use. The initial puzzle does not disappoint.

As the game progresses, though, I keep thinking that this feels like a Scott Adams game, with added descriptive text. The overall thing could stand to be fleshed out a bit; the design is a little pedestrian. I was hoping for something more. I was hoping for an alternative to giving the witch the spell that she asked for, or perhaps some sort of twist to the story at that point. Giving her something magical in exchange for food flavouring just seems like a very bad idea. (Never mind that, in the middle ages, pepper was worth more than its weight in gold.)

The coding seemed competent, though.

On the whole, this feels like porridge. Rather bland, for the most part. I'm hoping for something with a bit of a flavourful kick to wash it down, but all I have is milk.