I have no idea what just happened. This is either extremely clever or extremely feckless. But I kind of like the voice.

The "HHH" of the title stands for "Hugo's House of Horrors". I remember that game from the 90s ... as Hugo, you were supposed to explore this haunted house to rescue your girlfriend Penelope. Pretty standard adventure-game fare. "HHH", meanwhile, is a story set in that game after some sort of virus or data corruption has messed things up. As such, the graphics are often wonky, but deliberately so, and, well, weird stuff happens.

There's also a suggestion that in this game you are not Hugo but Penelope.

The deliberate wonkiness proved to be a bit too much for me. After completing the game, I found that I was just as clueless as before as to what had just happened, and what the story was about, or why I was there at all to begin with. In some ways, it felt as though the author had simply taken the opportunity to throw a bunch of random images at the player's face. It's either very clever or it's rubbish.

I rather enjoyed the voice, though.

I guess it's kind of like oatmeal and milk, with a side of extra-crispy bacon. Kind of crunchy, kind of sloppy and ... what?