Milk Party Palace

I'm sitting down to write this review after having watched Rob Cantor's "Shia Labeouf" Live several times over. There's a certain humour in ascribing unlikely weirdness to celebrities, I suppose; the more unlikely, the better.

In this case, the celebrity of choice is Alec Baldwin. He's throwing a milk party, which is exactly what it sounds like, and you, a lowly hotel clerk, could get in if you could find six gallons of milk to contribute. (He's also plotting to Take Over The World, but then who isn't? Shia Labeouf is eating people in the woods. Chuck Norris is roundhouse-kicking the world with both legs tied behind his back. It would be a very poor showing indeed if Alec Baldwin's sole interest were partying with dairy.)

So off you go to retrieve the milk from various milk-hogging hotel guests.

It's definitely a slick, fast-paced, wildly random sort of humour. I'm reminded of Hulk Handsome's work in the previous comps, though I'm not sure if the enthusiasm is bouncing to quite the same level. But it's still an opportunity to engage in off-the-wall silliness. Like ordering pizza until you OD on marinara. Or learning everything you need to know to become an electrician in the space of a single decision, in much the same way that you can suddenly know enough jiu-jitsu to body-slam Shia Labeouf. That sort of humour works for me. It might not work for everyone.

Meanwhile, the game is made in Unity, and the presentation is designed from scratch. It looks quite slick and stylish. I could do without the scrolling text, but it seems that every Japanese game on the market does text that way, so I suppose there must be some people who prefer it. I would also like to have a save-game feature, and a way to quit the game properly when I'm done.

As a breakfast, this would be a bowl of Froot Loops: fluffy, frivolous, and completely soaked in milk.