Slasher Swamp

"Slasher Swamp" makes few pretenses of not being an old school adventure. So: instant death, sparse descriptions, zero direction. The instant death might be more palateable if you could undo back from one, but you can't. The puzzle here is not so much a question of manipulating objects (though there is quite a bit of that) but of navigating the system.

I'll say, at the very least, that what I saw of the implementation is pretty well flawless. Not especially deep -- many objects mentioned in the scenery are not implemented -- but I did not encounter bugginess or unexpectedly strange code behaviour.

old school or not, there is a bit of a coherent backstory here. It is a grotesque, gothic horror that seems very much at home in the humid, buzzing closeness of the Florida wetlands. In a way, the sparse implementation and the sprawling map are, together, more evocative of the environment than any amount of descriptive prose. So, I guess, in that respect, the game does succeed.

Only, it doesn't exactly invite engagement with the player, does it?

Grits, scrapple and baked beans, and watery caffe americano.