When I first started the Breakfast Reviews, it was in response to a discussion about the 2009 comp game "Eruption", which had (perhaps trollishly) been entered as a by-the-book puzzle-implementation exercise with perfect technical execution but no effort at story. "Tower" is a similar beast, apparently a coding exercise and, I suppose, practice for the author's other entry in this year's competition.

Much of what was said then about "Eruption" can be said now about "Tower". It's a short little puzzler, pretty neat and tidy. The technical aspect seems competent enough. There's a little more story, but only a very little bit more: it comes largely in the form of the framing device, in which, as it turns out, the player is really a museum-goer admiring a painting.

The writing could use a little bit of work, too. There are some rather odd word choices which suggest a non-native English speaker, though I could be wrong.

So. It was an inoffensive little diversion. Pleasant enough, but not packing much of a punch. And maybe we don't want punch. Who has punch for breakfast, anyway? No, I think we're having hot buttered toast and warm milk, with maybe the tiniest dab of strawberry jam for a hint of flavour.