Brain Guzzlers from Beyond!

Small town, America, 1950s. That instantly presents us with a host of tropes, aesthetics, and setting expectations. Vinyl-coated diners, drive-in theatres, conservative social mores, and of course there's that certain brand of science fiction and horror that you only find in B-movies of the period. "Brain Guzzlers" does a pretty good job of conveying these aspects of the setting, in a large part due to the attitude of our heroine.

On the other hand, we're also approaching all of these things with modern 2015 sensibilities. This world is as casually sexist as one might expect from the 1950s, but that casual sexism is also presented as something ridiculous. Racism is also touched on briefly, in conversation. The game never gets up on a soapbox about any of these things, and that is perhaps a good thing. These things seem much more convincing when presented lightly, I think; and anyway, we have brain guzzlers to worry about.

Cherrywell did something similar with her entry last year, taking a genre rife with politically incorrect issues, and somehow making an enjoyable romp that embraced the genre while turning the problems on their head. I think this may be Her Thing.

The sum result of all this is a game that's light and charming, never taking itself too seriously, and without the uncomfortable greasiness of a too-strict adherence to the culture of its setting. The coding is flawless, and the NPCs are diverse and delightful. It's like a fruit yoghurt muesli parfait: delicious and decadent, and healthier than you might otherwise expect. Chase it down with a sweet honey-lemon tea, and you're ready for anything.