A Figure Met in a Shaded Wood

There's a definite fairy-tale vibe to this one. We're a vagabond journeying through a forest. About midway through, we meet a stranger who offers to tell our fortune in the cards. And after the reading, the stranger takes us away, never to be seen again. Restart?

The game is meant to be played through at least twice. It's all very very meta: the general idea in replaying games is to see what might change if things were done differently. In this case, the only thing that changes is ... the stranger chides us for whatever different decisions we made, asking if we thought that perhaps that might have an effect, and proceeds to do exactly as she did before. This was a bit of a surprise, and I think I liked it. I will note though that, as a trick, it's amusing only once....

Looking in the game folder, I see several different tarot card images, yet only three are ever used in the game. I'm guessing that all the others are there as red herrings, to encourage a second playthrough. At that point, though, the objective in a second playthrough is less to find an alternate fate for the vagabond and more to see how different choices interact. (Short answer: they don't. Which is part of the point.)

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