This is really more of a toy than a game. The idea is that we've just purchased this "Growbotics" work table, the description of which is randomised and may be changed at the beginning by clicking on it; there are a multitude of elements (reduced to a more manageable four if we read the manual) which, by mixing and matching, can produce an end product that somehow embodies the elements used and the sequence in which they are used.

Mostly, it winds up being a case of seeing just what the author thinks is the thing that best embodies the combined elements. People may disagree as to whether a thing is really such a good representation of the combination entered, or if something else might not be better, but I think "find out what the author thinks" is a fair enough goal for a toy such as this.

Besides, as a guy who describes interactive fiction as breakfast dishes, I'm not exactly in a position to complain.

Interestingly, the end text, after pronouncing ourselves satisfied with the manufactured object, changes from game to game. I suspect that it's related to the randomised description of the work table, different forms being indicative of different settings. I have yet to determine if it might be related to the objects created: that would require further experimentation.

I'm imagining this as a couple of protein bars in colourful wrappers, and a carton of chocolate milk to go with them. It may not really feel like a proper breakfast, but it still works.