Koustrea's Contentment

We have appeared as the newest denizen in a very strange house. It appears that we are immortal, and will be living here for a very long time; we just need (I think) to find our place in the house, or find out what's beyond it, or what this giant door is/means....

I didn't finish the game. It's ... well, I don't know if I can really call it long, but it's rather low on feedback and in-game hinting, so a lot of time was spent fruitlessly bumping into walls. Descriptions and conversations tend to be brief and sparse -- this makes for a rather rarified atmosphere, and the other denizens, while friendly enough for the most part, come off as a bit cold and aloof.

There's definitely some sort of mystery as to what we're all doing here. At the surface, it looks as though we have died, and this is our afterlife. But then ... what's with the (relatively) high-tech office in the cellar, and the skeleton? What happened to that one missing denizen who came before us? I'd like to poke some more, but it feels like there's not much reward in anything that isn't directly on the path towards the solution. There's not a lot of room for just messing around.

Still, there's something about the descriptive restraint that seems very appropriate. I was charmed at one point by an off-hand reference to the protagonist's wingspan, and I have yet to see it come up anywhere else that she has wings. Thinking about it, I realise that I don't know a thing about what the other characters actually look like, and maybe that's a good thing ... the bit about our wingspan wouldn't stand out so well otherwise.

It's ... congee, I think. Very liquid, quite hot, with a bit of ginger and a tiny wedge of century egg. Weak chrysanthemum tea. Take your time.