We find ourselves in a strange place, with no idea how we got there or why. There are disjointed little message all over the place, and a door leading to a final confrontation before the end of the game. Apparently the nature of this confrontation changes depending on how many of the messages we have found and read. Unfortunately, no questions are answered in the course of the story.

This is a problem. The messages don't actually add up to anything that answers any questions. For the most part, they only seem to echo what we're probably feeling: why are we here? What is going on? It appears that we're supposed to take the place of the Recorder in the final room and become the new Recorder. But this still leaves unanswered the question, raised through the messages, of why we're here in the first place, and what the nature of this place might be. This is a little annoying. I can accept strange situations in IF without question, but this particular situation seems to have dropped a question about itself into my lap, and proceeded to leave me without an answer.

White bread and margarine, and weak tea. Not quite as substantial as it ought to be.