The Speaker

This was a very short little scenario, but it poses an interesting question, especially in the light of the recent Kim Davis debacle. What do you do when your job means having to represent, on someone else's behalf, views with which you disagree? As presented here, we are a human who has been hired as a sort of secretary to an alien advice columnist (actually described as a "blogger" in the game). The setting is a sort of interplanetary science fiction, with multiple non-human races, though I think that the only reason for this is to establish a cultural difference between the protagonist and his employer without resorting to any real-world cultures.

The dilemma emerges when the alien employer wants to respond to a question with advice that the protagonist emphatically disagrees with. On the one hand, it's our job, the protagonist's job, to give this alien the voice he needs; on the other hand, there's the very real possibility that the alien's advice would cause harm for the person receiving it. What would you do? Quitting to find an alternate job does not appear to be an option.

That's pretty much it for the social commentary. The rest of the game exists mostly to flesh out the central dilemma. The alien employer is the only NPC worth mentioning, and he is given a pretty sympathetic character. He doesn't change his mind about the advice he is giving, and he rather firmly reiterates that HE is the one to whom these applicants have come for advice, but for all that he seems quite reasonable in hearing out us out when we question his advice. He may be an alien, but he's not a monster.

Like a buttered croissant with a cup of hot chocolate and maybe some strawberries on the side, the whole thing is a simple deal that could go down very quickly and easily, but is perhaps well worth considering at leisure.