Well, the interface is pretty enough, mostly. The first time I tried to get through this, I found that the all-caps made the text a little tiresome to read. And ... there's a lot of text. Not all of it seems to have any point; in fact, a lot of it seems gratuitious, tacked on simply for padding. There are times when the prose seems so completely divorced from the main narrative that I wondered at the point of even trying to continue.

I suppose there is an actual story or game going on in there somewhere, but the tone often detracts from it. It's a sort of dadaist, "anything goes" attitude, which presents you with the option for a lot of silliness but doesn't seem to want to be a comedy. The dissonance put me off, and I confess I got tired of it very quickly. That's a shame, because there was clearly some significant effort put into the presentation, and I wish the game itself measured up.

It's like a jumbo box of superhero-themed cornflakes, promising a prize at the bottom; but to get the prize you've got to dig through all the cornflakes, and all of it is basically the same and there's such an awful lot of it. I never did find the prize. At least the box is colourful.