Untold Riches

We're on yet another adventure as the sidekick of an Indiana Jones rip-off! How does he talk us into these things? Well, the rip-off is gone, following a harrowing sea adventure, and now we're stranded on an island where, according to research, the Treasure of Total Awesomeness (not its actual name, but along the same lines) has been hidden.

I found this to be an amusing little romp, full of personality and attitude. We've evidently been on so many adventures with our fearless professor that we're no longer awed by him, and there are frequent references to past adventures as well. The game has an algorithm for cooking up plausible titles for these past quests and the treasures involved, and it's occasionally amusing to hit "undo" when we reminisce, just to see the different names. It rather emphasises just how interchangeable all these adventures are, and that seems to be part of the game's schtick. The treasure chest, when we find it, is described as looking "exactly like all the others". And the treasure itself is described in deliberately vague (but often humorous) terms.

The coding was competent and the writing was decent; this gave me the confidence to go poking about to my heart's content. It's not a large game, though, so there aren't too many things to poke at; but what there are, are done very well.

It's like a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, with toast and coffee on the side: a classic that keeps you coming back for more.