Cinnamon Tea

"Cinnamon Tea" is a short Twine game about a dream we have after drinking cinnamon tea. The premise given is that, apparently, this tea has the power to put one in touch with other lives. After deciding what we think of the tea, we drift off to sleep, and dream.

The dream is different depending on our reaction to the tea. And ... that's about it. Reacting to the tea is the only choice we get, and the resulting dream seems to have nothing to do with the reaction itself. Basically, we're given a choice of three untitled short stories to read, with no indication as to what we might expect.

I thought they were well-written, at any rate. That's about all I can say. I'd have liked to have explored the worlds opened up within the stories--the aftermath of war for a defeated fantasy queen, a WW2 concentration camp drama, a transgender romance--but apparently that's not part of the deal. It wasn't much of a game or an interactive experience.

As a breakfast, it's ... hm ... a cup of tea. Nicely brewed, sure, but where's the toast? Flavour's well and good, but I want to get my teeth into something solid.