Anno 1700

Here's a story with a lot of potential. We've got a historic hotel with, apparently, a hidden tower room that's supposed to be cursed, and we've got pirates and ancient secrets and probably time travel....

Yeah, I think there's time travel. I never made it that far.

The writing feels a bit indifferent. It's not exactly bad or ungrammatical; I can't point to anything specifically and spectacularly awful. It's just ... doesn't quite capture the mood. The author may need more practice with expressing their ideas in fewer words.

The implementation feels shaky, too. For a game like this, one expects a great deal of immersion. Characters should come to life with interaction, details should be deeply implemented, and a vast array of potential actions should be anticipated. I felt as though I had to follow the walkthrough exactly, or be totally lost in a place with nothing to do.

Still, like I said, it's a great setup. It just wants to be developed more. Maybe the author needed some more feedback on what was working and what wasn't. It's like when you're expecting Eggs Benedict for breakfast but the eggs are actually hard-boiled and the Hollandaise is a bit too watery. Everything is there; all that's lacking is the execution.