This was cute. You start by filling out the three accomplice roles you need to carry out the robbery -- someone to create a diversion, someone to drive the getaway car, and someone for basic criminal brutality -- and then you play out the scenario dictated by their interactions. There's quite a bit of variation to the basic plot, with multiple different ways to end.

There's also rather a lot of blood. This might not be the game for you if you get squeamish about a protagonist shooting innocent bystanders. The attitude is pretty sociopathic. When one accomplice murders the entire roomful of tellers and customers, our protagonist's concerns are first that they no longer have any hostages to use as bargaining chips, and then that the police are likely to come down harder on a mass murderer than on a mere bank robber.

The whole thing is pretty short. I guess we sacrifice length here in favour of the breadth of possibility, and the brevity does allow one to replay and check out some of the different options. The endings were a bit on the brief side, too; I think it would have been nice to see how much money we get from the heist based on our actions in the various scenarios.

As a breakfast, I think this might be an assortment of doughnut holes (or Timbits for you Canadians out there) with an espresso shot: lots of bite-sized variations, not especially healthy, but you can stop whenever you want. Really.