Campfire Tales

"Campfire Tales" is a short little horror story-within-a-story in which we're asked to supply two names, one of which will become an ill-fated character in the story being told to us, the protagonist. We're asked a couple of other questions as well, though I don't see how those answers figure into the final product, and a number of elements within the story are randomised as well.

The story is hosted online, and I wonder if the answers supplied by one player might turn up in a game played by another. That would be kind of neat, but require some oversight to ensure that the text entered for the answers fit the narrative text. As it is, the writing already feels compromised by the constraints of the few moving parts.

It's interactive as far as engagement goes, but, I find, not in the ways that matter to IF. Our input doesn't seem to matter, and the story never changes in any significant way. The effects are a nice touch and the story, if developed further, might do well elsewhere; but as it is, I wonder at the point.

It's like having just a mug of hot cocoa for breakfast. Nicely atmospheric for a cold winter evening, but not especially nourishing ... and why are we having breakfast on a cold winter evening?