The nostalgia is heavy on this one. It's not just that it's set in 1987; it's the general sensibility as well. It hearkens back to games like "Hollywood Hijinx" and movies like "The Goonies", and a more innocent America.

The puzzles were a bit on the harder side, I thought: the sort that rewarded time spent of poking and exploring and sharing with friends. I did find it a bit annoying that the appearance of the swimsuit couple didn't seem fixed -- that is, that once their appearance was triggered, they didn't stay where they were -- but that seems like a rather small issue. Aside from that, the world was lightly implemented but generally well-described. There was just enough of a twist on the story to make it feel like more than just a puzzle-fest.

On the whole, not a bad job at all. Nothing particularly fancy, but I found it well put together. Like a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and Tang: a classic with a retro-modern twist.