Escape from Dinosaur Island

Plot-wise, this felt pretty basic: a question of picking up the right objects and using them in the right place. The puzzles are fairly simple, and very well clued.

It appears to be a homebrew parser as well, with some of the issues that implies. I mean that verbs and error messages aren't always as universally and thoroughly implemented as one would like. The solution to one puzzle required me to not only possess the correct items, but be in the correct location, something that I believe the error message -- when I did have the right items in hand -- failed to convey.

Still, the frustration was not as high as it could have been. The impressive thing is that the game made the "make" verb work. I recall having issue with this verb in last year's "Textcraft", but this time around the objects to be constructed were better clued.

The presentation is quite nice. The writing was prone to a few common grammatical errors. There's that passive mode for position verbs, which I absolutely detest: people should only "be stood" if they were arranged in position by and outside force; otherwise, they should "be standing".

As a breakfast, I think this is baked beans on toast with a cup of milk to follow. Fairly basic fare, with some fiddly handling required, but no unpleasant surprises.