Dream Pieces 2

We're in a dream where everything is made of Lego, and the idea is to break things apart to make exits by which we might escape each location. Well, break the words apart, anyway, to make new words with the letter fragments left behind. It's the same idea as in the original "Dream Pieces", though I don't recall that first game having the Lego aesthetic to justify its mechanics.

The narrator is a very young child. I seem to remember this being the same in the original "Dream Pieces" too. It's ... just a little too twee for me, though that is a matter of taste.

Rather annoyingly, the presentation is set to print a faux status bar and the room description with every action, scrolling down far enough each time that the faux status bar is at the head of the text area of the screen. The idea is to replicate the effect of a screen with a status bar and the room description both static, while the actions and responses scroll in a separate section underneath. I do not think it works, especially as it sometimes happens that the response to an action is printed before the status bar rather than after the room description, so it scrolls off the screen immediately and leaves us with the appearance of there being no response at all.

As it turns out, most commands other than those specific to the game elicit a vague stock response. The game is quite narrow in that sense: it seems that only the specific commands in the specific situations will do.

If this were breakfast, I think it might be pancakes with happy faces drawn on them with frosting -- sweet and adorably presented, but we've had to let the pancakes go cold so the frosting doesn't melt and slide right off -- followed by a glass of milk.