Dreamland's a fairly simple story. There are basically four parts: the waking world, where apparently our actions might influence our subsequent dreams, and then three different dream scenes. The dream scenes may occur in any order, and it's unclear to me as to whether the order is random or if it's influenced by something we did in the waking world; but either way, they all happen, and in much the same way.

I think the point of this is really an exercise in creating the three dreams and whatever puzzles may or may not exist within them. I don't feel like there's much of an in-story goal here other than to get from beginning to end -- it's not as if there's much that needs resolution. Even the goal of either remembering or forgetting (you get to choose which) seems kind of beside the point.

So I guess it's an "enjoy the ride, watch the scenery" kind of thing? Maybe. There's something about the writing that makes me think of anime sensibilities; perhaps I'm being unjust, but that's my impression. As a breakfast, it's butter cookies and tea with lemon. Something light and fluffy, easy to swallow and unlikely to provoke much of anything.