Adventures with Fido

This was cute. It's really more of a casual game than an adventure: there's no real ending, and the point seems to be simply to explore the surroundings, play the various quests and mini-quests as they get discovered, and collect bones because we're a cute little corgi. We begin each day in our back yard, rested and relaxed, happily contemplating all the stuff we can do. As we wander around and check things out, our options expand to reflect our new access to various hidden aspects of the game.

In a few places, the mini-games involve quizzes on trivia and straight-up mathematical exercises. I have no real complaints here -- see, this is one place where timed input is acceptable -- except that the harder math exercises are a bit picky in what they will or will not accept. I mean, it appears that, for example, "6x - 30 + 36y" is wrong but "6x + 36y - 30" is correct; and it took me a few tries to realise that the "solve for x" questions wanted answers like "2" or "5", not "x = 2" or "x = 5". Pickiness aside, I thought the game charming enough to carry off what was essentially a math test.

If this were breakfast, it would be served fairly late on a lazy Saturday morning: blueberry pancakes with butter and maple syrup -- quite sweet and with a blueberry surprise in every bite -- and a nice cup of English Breakfast tea. We're not really going anywhere, and we're going to enjoy not going there as long as we can.