And You May Find Yourself

We've woken up in not simply a strange bed, but a strange life. Suddenly, we're married to a beautiful woman, we have two teenaged daughters, we're a (presumably) successful science-fiction writer, and we speak French. The game takes us through from the point of waking up, through to the realisation just before breakfast that we need to consult our phone for more information.


Well, my guess is that there's actually a lot more to this, but that's as far as I can go. The resolution that our phone is "probably upstairs in the bedroom somewhere" just drops us into a dead end with no further options. It's at least a step further than when we try to investigate the photos in the kitchen, an option which leaves us at a blank page with a "Restart" button.

As I write this, we're in the final fortnight of the competition. The last update to this game, dated a month ago ... still ended at the same point. I'm a little peeved, to be honest. I think an author has a responsibility to ensure that their game is playable from start to finish, otherwise they're just wasting our time. Bugs happen, and I understand that; but a game-killing bug, one that obstructs the game 100%, this early in the story is inexcusable.

Any other problems? Well, I did find the interaction in the bathroom with our "wife" a bit ... off. This woman feels objectified, and I'm uncomfortable with it. Then the scene (if we decide that the prospect of sex really does override any concern we might have about the situation) melts into a surreal vision, and we continue as if nothing had happened. The whole diversion just feels out of place, and I wonder if, perhaps, it simply hadn't been developed completely.

It's like ordering a three-egg omelette for breakfast but getting three raw eggs and a cup of instant coffee. I strongly suspect that the cook had a bit of a blow-up and walked out. I have no idea what drama just took place, but I do know I'm not getting breakfast.