Flowers of Mysteria

In this very old school adventure, we're looking for the four flowers of Mysteria so we can make a potion that will cure the king, thus restoring fertility to the land. We're talking pre-Infocom old school here, so descriptions are extremely terse, amounting to not much more than a sentence or two. The parser is a homebrew, but relatively serviceable. The story is about as shallow as a film of grease, as might be expected from these old school conventions: it's all about puzzling your way through to the end.

Well, the puzzles were pretty fair, and not too difficult. Rather on the easy side, in fact, even if I did have to resort to the walkthrough on one occasion -- I'd neglected to examine the wandering NPC and therefore didn't know what he was there for.

In the end, it's a short and pretty inoffensive little diversion. Like buttered toast and Ovaltine for breakfast. It does the job, but that's about it.