This is a very short story about one's first kiss. I don't think it amounts to much more than two hundred words total in any one playthrough. The story direction changes with a choice at the end of each segment, where options cycle--

Yes. Cycle. On a timer. And I twitch.

It does feel more suited to the content and immersive than a static menu, I'll give you that; but you still have to sit there and wait for the choice you want to come up; and then there are times where you're not entirely sure if you're actually looking at a non-choice "click to continue" thing.

Anyway, it's short. Artsy. You can tell from the lack of capitalisation. I admit to being a bit of a narrative-hungry philistine, so this isn't for me. But I do see the attraction. It's like a breakfast of iced lemon tea and a slice of cantaloupe: more of a refreshment than anything else.