The Forgotten Tavern

The story starts by asking us what we're on the run from, giving us three options to choose from. Or we can opt not to choose, in which case it's assumed we're on the run from all three. Then we're taken in by the keepers of the eponymous tavern, who want us to hunt vegetables for them. Yes, that's right: there's a mysterious portal in their cellar that leads to a place where anything they've planted in their rather rundown back garden prowls a verdant, cornucopic world like young criminals.

This plays out like an RPG. The encounters involve random combat, but it's not terribly difficult. As time goes by, your efforts result in the tavern getting upgraded to rather plush establishment, and your own weapons and armour get upgraded as well. At the same time, remember, you were on the run from something, and that's going to catch up with you sooner or later.

I did enjoy the RPG aspect and watching things get upgraded around me. Battling hooligan vegetables added a touch of whimsy. The endings, however, seemed quite lacklustre in comparison to the build-up, wrapping up all the action and adventure in about two sentences. I thought it was a letdown, as if the author put together a great game but couldn't be bothered to cap it off properly.

As a breakfast, the main body of this game might be a frittata made with fresh, wholesome garden vegetables and sprinkled with cheese. There's a nice, piquant kick to it. But with only water to wash it down, it's a bit of an anticlimax.