Tohu wa Bohu

Wilfully abstruse navel gazing.

This is set up to look like a quiz of some kind, with philosophical meandering that doesn't seem to add up to much. It's meant to be profound, but none of it really speaks to the human condition, in my opinion. In fact, I began very quickly to find it tiresome. At one point, I found myself expanding the definition of a word with more definitions of words within the initial definition -- I might as well be reading a dictionary. Why these words in particular? What have they to do with anything I've seen? There's not much room for exploration, and I felt as though I was simply jumping blindly through a bunch of hoops to a final lack of conclusion. None of it matters, and I want my five minutes back.

It's set up in Texture, which involves matching option words to the text by dragging the first to the second. We've seen this done to pretty good effect in, for instance, "The Queen's Menagerie"; but here it often felt like no more than an extra step before clicking on a keyword. It's a design that seems better suited to Twine.

Breakfast is green tea and the scent of joss sticks: not much practical nutritional value.