Writers Are Not Strangers

There seem to be multiple disparate threads running through this one. As the title would have it, the main thread should be about our protagonist's efforts as a writer and, well, the fictional world's equivalent of a celebrity Youtuber. Also mixed into this is our protagonist's dying mother, who apparently used to be some sort of super-soldier until some sort of scandal shut the programme down, and the approach of a meteor that seems likely to destroy half the planet.

Our rating of the protagonist's writing seems to have some arbitrary effect on the story. I'm not sure of the logic behind it, but there it is. I guess another story thread might be the relationship between our protagonist and us, the mysterious meta-outsider who she sometimes thinks is controlling her actions.

One thing the game does not do is explain everything in an info-dump. Details about the world have to be teased from the story as it goes along. It's something I quite like, even if it makes things a little harder to understand. The trade-off is a deeper sense of immersion in the world, an idea that we're treated as a long-time insider rather than as an uninformed outsider.

So this is a thing with a lot going on under the hood, not all of it immediately apparent. We're having the "chef's surprise" omelette for breakfast, and there's no telling what's under all that egg and cheese. After that, we have a cup of tea: sugar, no milk; that part, at least, seems straightforward.