Black Sheep

We're the estranged daughter of a man whose philanthropic(?) organisation has evolved into something like a bona-fide cult surrounding the concept of the Singularity. He's dead now, and our sister is missing, and now we've got to find her, with the help of a rather eager bot, or "synthetic", as a sidekick. We have two days, which is in no way enough time, but never fear: on failure, time gets rewound to the beginning of the story, except that our notes and inventory stay with us. This is by design and not a bug.

So yeah. There's some neat stuff going on here, and I always appreciate a good mystery. There actually seems to be a bit of redundancy engineering with the notes we can pick up, unless they're red herrings, which can confuse the issue. But that's what red herrings are for. With our notebook, we're able to match observations against each other to gain new deductions, but only when we're at our home base. I think there's only one deduction that needs to be made for the sake of the story, though. I'm not sure if any other matches count as deductions or have any real impact beyond a hint as to how to proceed.

Still, I enjoyed the story. I think that as a breakfast, it would be strong, black, drip-filtered coffee with simili-bacon and reconstituted scrambled eggs. It's a decent simulation of the original concept, taken into the future, with maybe a trick or two up its sleeve. Can't shake the metallic aftertaste, though.