A Blue Like No Other

This starts out looking like an English language learning programme from the old days of DOS. The twist here is that the author of the programme has used passages from her own fiction to form the exercises. We know this because we have a "Messages" tab where the main conversation thread discusses the finding of this programme at a garage sale. So now we're taking a look.

And that's pretty much all we do.

Progressing through the modules means finding the words from the list on the right in the passage on the left, and highlighting them. Not clicking; nothing happens if you just click them. No new messages arrive as we do this: that does not appear to be the point of the game. And nothing further happens once we've got through the modules.

I'm not sure what the point here was. Perhaps everything here was just a fancy presentation of some bog-standard non-interactive prose.

If this were breakfast, it wouldn't be much more than a stale baguette.