Well, this was fun. Well-written, with a nicely implemented world. We live in a house that's been subdivided into apartments and where weird stuff keeps happening. For instance, we recently gained a talking mongoose named Gef for a companion, and no one knows how he got here, least of all Gef himself. Today, we come home to find a strange woman (Barbara) asleep on our sofa, having arrived from a few decades back somehow.

The rest of the game is about finding our way down to the basement to unravel the mystery and fix this timewarp we live in.

While the general story is quite good, I think the game's main weakness is in how it deals with NPCs and our interaction with them.

There are quite a few NPCs wandering around: the residents of the first and second floor of the house, and a few stoner visitors. The second floor residents have been lost in time and space for a while, and I have no problem with them once they're returned to this reality: they're exhausted from their ordeal, and if we can't do much with them, that's fine. The others are more questionable. They wander around, and occasionally, when the right combination of NPCs occurs, we get a bit of an exchange; but otherwise, there's not much we can do with them or get from them. Barbara herself, though she follows us around like a good little sidekick, doesn't seem to have much to do.

The conversation system could use a little more work, too. I'm sure there's a better way of naming a conversation topic than "where the hell", for instance.

Still, not a bad story. I feel like this might be, if it were breakfast, something like a ham and cheese quiche: Ambitious, delicious, attractively presented, but maybe a bit soggy in the middle. And maybe an old-fashioned cup of joe to chase it down.