Eye Contact

This is a simulated conversation, with images of the other speaker's eyes taking up most of the screen so we can see how they react or emote or whatever. Personally, I think that for all we write about "seeing it in their eyes", that's much more difficult in real life. Perhaps a lot of it is really just one person projecting on the other rather than any real "reading" of emotions.

Anyway, as I said, it's a simulated conversation. I didn't get a whole lot from the central conceit of looking into the other speaker's eyes, and the subject of the conversation ... well, it seems at first as though it's going into something hugely dramatic, and then it turns out to be something fairly small and trivial. Of course, it's often the trivial things that set us off, and there does appear to be more underlying all this. But unless there's some secret sequence of responses to get us to another level of conversation, I'm not seeing much else.

It's about samosas. Maybe it's about something else, but nominally, it's about samosas.

And maybe that's what's for breakfast. A samosa and coffee. Maybe a lot of work went into it, or maybe it was a dollar a package at the grocery store. Either way, it's gone in two bites.