Fat Fair

We're an unpleasant person whom even the narrator seems to dislike, which makes me wonder why on earth we'd want to be here in the first place. The narrative tone is never jeering, not exactly, but it never misses a chance to tell us that we're fat and ugly and an overall waste of humanity. There's even a sort of hunger daemon at work, in that we have to say "wuoo" every few minutes -- because we're so unpleasantly fat that the cholesterol has gotten into our eyes and we have to use echolocution to get a proper sense of our surroundings.

Ugh. I went straight to the walkthrough as soon as I got to that "wuoo" nonsense because I'd really rather not spend any more time in this story.

So, basically, this is about how we accidentally kill someone, and then we can either try to escape the law or try to maximise our sentence. Perhaps the author's intention, with the unpleasant protagonist, was to encourage players to seek out the "maximise our sentence" ending, but I'm afraid the rather over-the-top depiction of his unpleasantness made it feel more like bullying than anything else. Players are curious beings and I have no doubt that at least a few would be interested in seeing how heavy a sentence they could bring down even if they had every sympathy for the main character. At the end of the day, I'm quite sure that the basic premise of the story could have been served without all the attendant unpleasantness.

It's like soggy fried bread for breakfast. It could have been crisp and golden-brown, but someone in the kitchen has decided that encasing it in lard is the way to go.