Gone Out For Gruyere

This is one of those puzzle games where the story exists entirely as an excuse to give us a puzzle to solve. We're supposed to be buying cheese for our girlfriend, but now we're stuck in limbo with a huge wheel of Gruyere mocking our every move. In each direction is a different place and time, from which we can extract the things we need to defeat the cheese.

The voice here is pretty good, though I personally think it could use a bit more discipline on the stylistic front. I noticed a few rather odd word choices ("deminishingly"?) and I'm not entirely sure if the author is being ironic or earnest.

So anyway, it's a small and fairly inoffensive little sampler of the different flavours the author is capable of. It's like a breakfast of cheese and crackers and milk, and maybe a handful of dried cranberries for a bit of a kick. But when I say "cheese" here, I mean Brie and Stilton and Gouda and Emmental -- not just American Cheddar.

Also, there might be something a little bit wrong with anyone who doesn't like Gruyere. Just saying.