Limerick Heist

This reminds me a bit of last year's Let's Rob a Bank, with somewhat less silliness despite being told entirely with limericks. Basically, we assemble a team and then we proceed with the heist with every member of the team doing his or her part. (One of these team members is Teller of Penn & Teller fame.) I haven't tried poking about for different endings, but it does appear that a wide variety of multiple endings are available.

The main point of the thing is, of course, the limerick format. Naturally, the available choices tend to be the first line of an upcoming limerick, and I found that half the fun in guessing where each choice might lead was in guessing how the rhyme would go. That's about all the impact the format has on the story, however. Amusing as it was, I kind of wonder how the format is supposed to mesh with the story. Personally, I found the whole story just short enough that it ended before the limericks could really begin to grate, but I can see some people being put off by it sooner.

As a breakfast, I think it's a chip butty with Ovaltine. It's delicious, but sticking french fries into a sandwich seems a bit like overkill.