For the Moon Never Beams

Well, this was cute. We've just had dinner with our girlfriend, and now we're driving off to our high school prom, and then werewolves happen. It turns out our girlfriend's "time of the month" isn't what you think it is. So now we have to save our girlfriend from herself, without getting torn into bite-sized chunks in the process.

I imagine that we're played by Molly Ringwald and Emilio Estevez. There's something very relatably "suburban America" about the story.

As a game, I get the sense that there's a lot more that could be done with the premise. There's an encounter with a bat that results in us becoming a vampire (surely it shouldn't be that easy) which I think could have been the source of a great deal more gameplay than simply adding an optional puzzle about crossing a river. I do, however, like the overall construction, which leads us into the story rather than dropping us in front of it and expecting us to be instantly engaged.

As a breakfast, I imagine this as something of a sampler: hash browns, one fried egg, one slice each of blood sausage, toast, and tomato, and a small cappucino. It's complete and more satisfying than its size would imply, and maybe tomorrow we can get a full English.