Citizen of Nowhere

I'm afraid I'm going to be terribly unfair here.

As the game begins, we're apparently the son of the late king of Nowhere, except that we've renounced the throne and gone to live the simple life as a humble vegetable farmer. Then we get a letter inviting us to a garden party in the city, and ... that's about all I can say. The whole premise of being a rightful heir in voluntary exile is dripping with potential, but there seems to be no indication as to how this potential is going to be realised, where we're going, what we're supposed to do, or why we'd want to do it.

Okay, I'm assuming that the goal is to make it south to the party. Our hero here doesn't seem to have much interest in going, though, so neither have I.

I'm a little stressed for time in real life, and this game isn't giving me any incentive to devote more of that precious commodity to it. Many of the rooms are barely described, which gives the impression that the author isn't particularly interested in the world they've created. The NPCs seem unresponsive, which discourages interaction with them. I don't know. I got as far as this cave with a portcullis blocking my progress; maybe there'll be an explosion of Plot once I get through, but I'm not holding out much hope of that happening.

If this were breakfast, it feels like it would be cornflakes with milk but no added sugar or salt: crunchy, but bland.