Extreme Omnivore: Text Edition

There's not much about this that really qualifies as "Extreme". It's certainly not a story in which we're eating the entire castle of the sugar plum fairy or anything. Instead, it's a story in which we have to explore a house before we're allowed to enter its kitchen, whereupon we are finally able to eat some dinner.

It's not a very exciting premise, is it? And it's not a very exciting game. The one thing it does have going for it is a certain sense of humour in the writing: given that we're hungry, the author draws comparisons as often as possible between the objects in the house and edible foods, which does help with the immersion. The game design, however, is lacking: to have a location magically unlock only because the player has visited or "explored" every room of the house is rather arbitrary. It's not as though we gain some kind of special understanding of the final room from exploring the house.

Also, it would help if the map directions were mentioned somewhere.

I'll assume this is a new author. There's a pretty long history of new authors implementing their houses or apartments as an exercise and then entering said implementations into the competition. And I can see that a lot of the stuff done here isn't much more advanced than some of the early exercises in the Inform manual. As I said before, I appreciate the immersive quality of the writing, but I would encourage the author to try again once they have a story they want to tell and a better grasp of all the tools at their disposal. I mean, if this were breakfast, it would be a peanut butter on white bread sandwich. It hits some of the flavour marks, but otherwise it's really the very bare minimum of what it should be.