Planet C

Does this fading-in of the text count as timed delivery? I've decided that in this case, it happens quick enough not to. So let's get on with it.

We're managing a colony somewhere in space, and the gameplay consists of summoning ships from Earth to build or improve some aspect of life on the colony. The trick is in the order in which we summon these ships, since obviously you don't want to build up too big a population without having also built up enough food sources or energy sources, nor do you want to produce too much pollution as that is liable to do Bad Things to the colony's climate.

The story is presented as a series of letters between us and our family back on Earth, in which we get some idea of what's going on back home as well as significantly more personality than if this were presented just straight-up as the resource management sim that it is. I did find the presentation a little too much on the "soft and romantic" side, though, especially for something that was ostensibly about colonising planets. It really felt as if I should be navigating an Edwardian romance instead. Still, it's an interesting format, and maybe the alternative spin isn't such a bad thing.

If this were breakfast, it might be a very delicate crepe wrapped around peaches and cream, with a fragrant herbal tea. Served at a truck stop.