Remedial Witchcraft

We're a student witch and apprentice. Our mentor has gone off on witch business, leaving us alone with her cat. The story deals with us first getting our mentor the items she needs for her journey, and then cleaning up the mess that erupted from our initial efforts. There seems to be a trend of games like this, in which we, as hapless magic neonates, endeavour to learn our craft by dealing with some mess or other, though this game doesn't seem to care much about the "learning our craft" part of the business.

As far as puzzles go, the game isn't terribly involved. There are a couple of neat little magic tricks involving teleportation, but aside from that, everything's pretty straightforward. Once you see the object you want to find, you can usually go ahead and pick it up, with just the one exception; and even then, the puzzle involved isn't much of a challenge.

I did mention that the trick with the teleportation was pretty neat. I'd have liked to have seen that expanded into a few more puzzles, something more challenging. The setup for it certainly has a lot of potential.

If this were breakfast, it might be blueberry muffins and a pot of herbal tea. Simple and sweet, and quickly devoured.