This begins by telling us we're locked in an antebellum Southern mansion wearing a chicken costume, and that we've been dreaming about this for years. Immediately, I'm intrigued. As it turns out, this is a sort of reality gameshow thing where we're supposed to collect valuables throughout the house, and then either bringing them to the front entrance or, for double the object's value, leaving them in the appropriate room. I'm reminded a little of Captain Verdeterre's Plunder from IFComp 2013, except that the mansion we're exploring is quite a bit larger than Verdeterre's ship, and there's the additional puzzle of guessing an object's rightful location.

Throughout, we're accompanied by voiceover commentary from the gameshow's host, Terri. While the location descriptions are fairly spare so as to focus our attention on what's important (we only have a limited amount of time to accomplish everything) Terri provides a good deal of background about the house and its history. This gives the game a lot of its flavour, immersing the player in its world.

The big, overarching puzzle here is in managing one's time so as to maximise one's profit. I could replay this for days just trying to get everything into a single playthrough. It's like shrimp and grits, a potentially bland base given an explosive blast of flavour, spice, and Southern charm, with sweet, strong coffee to keep you going back for more.