Truck Quest

So, our dream is to be a trucker, and that means getting progressively larger trucks to deliver goods across progressively larger distances. Also because we get to travel very far and very wide, we can take on little jobs on the side. Oh, nothing particularly onerous ... just a favour that may or may not have anything to do with the political leanings of the nation.

Yep. Quite aside from the need to make money in order to pay off the loan we took in order to buy our truck (the truck dealer's a particularly slimy specimen of sub-humanity) we get to play with the national consciousness. The three people for whom we might perform these favours represent three different extremes in political ideology, and our actions can shift the political consciousness to a place that pleases just one, two, or none of the three.

That sounds fascinating. However, this doesn't seem to actually have a lot of impact on the how the story plays out. At the very most, the story demands that we've worked with at least one of these characters, but it doesn't actually matter which one. Once we've got that, our final choice determines the entirety of how the ending works rather than putting a twist on what we've worked on through the story.

Aside from this, it appears that the success or failure of our trucking contracts depends to some extent on chance: the game presents us with three or four approaches to getting from A to B, but secretly chooses only two (I think) to be successful. Our job then is to guess which one. This is something that's a bit annoying and which I got around by saving before each choice and then restoring if I chose wrong. I would have preferred to have worked with something a little more strategic than "pick a random card".

The story itself is not too bad. We've got the slimy truck dealer who basically has us trapped in a contract. We've got the arrogant celebrity trucker -- apparently trucking is the sort of thing that can get you a fan club in this world. And we've got something ... strange and sinister going on with this project to create self-driving trucks. There's some cool things going on in this plot. Also, the characters stop for breakfast at one point, which is cool on its own.

As a breakfast, it's maybe hash browns with a side of fried eggs and a latte. It's a bit of a toss-up of flavour, and serving the eggs as a side dish kind of creates a disconnect between the two. The coffee's strong enough for a trucker's brew, but the fact it's a latte suggests we're not quite so salt-of-the-earth as we pretend ... we might be more likely to vote Liberal than Labour.