Very Vile Fairy File

Yep, that's Andy Schultz, and this is another game organised around a form of wordplay; in this case, rhymes. A very specific sort of rhyming, as seen in the title, and I suppose there must be a word for it, but I don't know what it is.

Look. Andy's a great guy, and these wordplay games must be fiendishly difficult to put together. I can appreciate that. But if I'm honest, I really think it's time he moved on and applied his talents elsewhere. This year's offering is perhaps a step up from last year's, in that we're asked to actively seek out the rhyming words to progress -- the wordplay conceit is integral to the gameplay. However, we're lacking in the story area. I've got crabbier, I think; at least, I seem to be feeling the lack of story more. It's lost behind the wordplay, so I'm left wondering why I'd want to get to the end of this game at all.

It's like taking apart a Christmas gingerbread house for breakfast: technically marvellous, but it's been on display for a couple of weeks and I can't help feeling that the gingerbread was baked with a view to construction rather than consumption.